Actions to Take If You Are Injured in a Motor Vehicle Accident in North Attleboro, MA and Surrounding Areas




  • Immediately call the police and ambulance, if necessary;

  • Take photographs of the accident scene, all the vehicles involved, and of your injuries;

  • Without discussing the details of the accident or your injuries with the other driver, obtain and exchange necessary insurance and personal information;

  • Seek medical treatment, at your earliest opportunity, and be sure to follow your health care providers' recommendations;

  • Gather together all insurance information, medical documentation, police reports, etc. . . regarding your accident;
  • Consult an attorney before speaking to any insurance company, adjusters or investigators;

  • Consult an attorney before signing documentation from any insurance company.
Couple on an Accident - Auto Accident in North Attleboro, MA
Looking at xray - Accident in North Attleboro, MA