Client Testimonials in North Attleboro, MA




“It has been a pleasure to have Attorney Carol Mercier-Locke and her team of law associates representing me during the time following my car accident. With all the chaos that ensued after the event, it was important to have a reliable attorney. She not only handled all of my medical bills and legal matters, but also made sure that I received all of the medical treatment that I needed. With her team of legal associates taking care of those matters, I was able to focus on the things that really mattered such as the treatment necessary to get better, etc. This was the second case I had with Attorney Carol Mercier-Locke, and although I hope I am never injured again, I know who I will call. Yes, although I know there are a great number of other lawyers to choose from, there is no question in my mind which lawyer I will turn to.”
- *Sam Hill
“I will always be grateful to Attorney Carol Mercier-Locke and her legal team for what they have done for myself and my case. I am very impressed with their thoroughness. I will always recommend them to others. My family also speaks very highly of Attorney Carol Mercier-Locke and her assistants. Thank you again.”
- *Diane Bosworth
"I want to thank you for representing me. I was very satisfied with the outcome and I would certainly recommend you to anyone seeking counsel. Your staff was always very nice both on the phone and person.”
- *Rita Martin
“I want to thank you for your interest on our behalf since our accident; your involvement gave us a great deal of “peace of mind.” I have just learned today that my medical expenses were paid and we appreciate the trouble that you experienced. Thanks again.”
- *Constance and Edward Johnson
“I want to thank you and your wonderful team for all your understanding and support with my automobile accident case. In my situation, it was so important to have you and your team on my side and I will always be grateful for that. I highly recommend the Law Offices of Attorney Carol Mercier-Locke to everyone. Thank you for everything.”
- *Kathy Wilson
“Your success in handling my accident case made it possible for me to recover most of the use of my injured shoulder. All your efforts on my behalf are so very much appreciated. I recommend you to anyone needing the excellent service you provide. Your office staff was also excellent and made me feel confident everything was proceeding well whenever I called. Thank you again for all you were able to accomplish for me.”
- *Marjorie James
“Thank you so much for representing me in both of my automobile accident cases. Each time my preexisting conditions caused you and your office staff a great deal of work. You and your team always handled everything, professionally, friendly, and confidentially. You always made sure that I understood what was happening and I was very satisfied with the outcome of each case. You made sure that my bills were paid and I received all the medical treatment I needed. I will be forever grateful and recommend you and your team to anyone needing a determined, caring attorney.”
- *Judy Paul
“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your representation, not only on my behalf when I broke my arm during my slip and fall, but also your representation of my brother for his automobile accident; my mother for her slip and fall wherein she broke her hip; your representation of my children; and the estate work you have done for us. Obviously, we are extremely pleased with your results and have highly recommended you since 1989.”
- * Thomas and Caroline Church